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All the currents : Batman Spider-man Superman and Brand new titles!

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We have an amazing selection of the current and hard to find board games.

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I opened by first store in 1986 in Anchorage, Alaska.  I have owned and operated one or more game stores ever since.  I owned stores in both Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, Michigan from 1990 through 2014.

Titan Games & Comics was opened in London, KY in January of 2012.  I was part of the Troll and Toad (.com) team then.  In 2015 I bought half the store.  In 2016 I bought the other half, and am now the full owner of Titan Games & Comics, as well as a few other businesses.

We are committed to supporting the local community in a variety of ways:
* We hire local staff.
* We pay local taxes.
* We use local businesses for as much as we can.
* We buy products from our customers, for cash: Ranging from locally made items to used merchandise and collectibles.
* We work with local Schools, Scouts, Libraries, Churches and Hospitals for Fund Raising events.

And, we do this because from the top down, we care about our customers, our staff and our community.

Come Join Us At Titan Games & Comics.

Marcus King - Owner
Titan Games & Comics

103 London Shopping Center
London, KY  40741

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